Grape (Vitis labrusca)

Full sun to light shade. Zone 3.


Average, well-drained garden soil. pH tolerant. Drought tolerant once established.


Grapes are climbing or creeping vines with large leaves that produce large clusters of thin-skinned grapes in late summer. Their late blooms generally avoid late spring frosts. Prune annually for best fruit production.


Trellises, arbors, fences, or grape trellises in the home landscape. Our easy-to-grow varieties are suitable for home or commercial vineyards.


Table grape sweet, juicy, thin-skinned fruit has many of the same nutritional and medicinal qualities as do muscadine grapes, but in lower concentrations. Leaves are edible. Use for fresh eating, juices, wines, or fruit jellies or preserves.

Varieties include:

‘Sunbelt’ – Fruit are large in size, small clusters, blue color, sweet, good flavor, and early to mid season. Plants are very hardy and have vigorous growth habits. Sunbelt is very similar to Concord but ripens more evenly and has better resistance to mildews. Sunbelt also does better in warmer climates than Concord.

Mars Seedless


$22.00 / 1 gallon

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