Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis)

Full sun to part shade. Zones 3-9.


Moist, average to rich soils.


Vigorous, extremely hardy, multiple stem shrubs or small trees reaching 10 to 12 feet at maturity.

Plant two varieties for cross pollination.


A great companion plant that provides shade and habitat for many other plants, excellent as a pond or riparian or woods edge plant, large specimen, or hedge plant. Suitable for orchard production or as an orchard interplant. Disease-resistant foliage. Beautiful large clusters of ivory white flowers in early summer, followed by heavy clusters of black berries in late summer or early fall. Elderberry plants can achieve huge yields of up to 25 gallons of fruit from a mature specimen.


Dense clusters of fruit have distinct, potent flavor and profound antiviral properties that can reduce the duration of colds and flu, even having prophylactic effects against viral organisms. Elderberries may yet be our first line of defense against a bird flu epidemic. Many natural cough syrups use elderberry syrups as their base. Elderberries also make wonderful meads, wines, and preserves. The flowers are medicinal as well, being noted for reducing fevers.


‘Adams’ – Large, purple-black berries in wide clusters on beautiful 6-12 foot tall and wide shrubs. 10 Available

‘Bob Gordon’ – 8 Available

‘High Noon’ – unavailable

‘Magnolia – unavailable

‘Margueritte’ – A joint UPN and Firefly Farm introduction. This is a highly-productive variety from Celo, NC. We expect this to be an exceptional variety for mountain and colder areas. – unavailable

‘Medicine Wheel’ – A UPN introduction. A large-fruited, heavy-bearing, Southern variety. 2 Available

‘Wyldewood’ – 18 Available

‘Ranch’ – 6 Available

$22.00 / 1 gal., $32.00 / 3 gal.

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