Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

Full sun to part shade. Zone 4.


Soil tolerant, though prefers moist, rich, garden soil.


Extremely vigorous dynamic accumulator plants, comfrey grows up to 2-foot long leaves from a basal rosette. Comfrey can regenerate from small root pieces so don’t plant it where you don’t want it to be in permanent residence.


Because comfrey is a heavy feeder, plant it where it will be well nourished, like around the margins of compost piles or poultry or barnyards. It is also an excellent companion plant for fruit trees in the home or commercial orchards.


Comfrey has a long history as a healing herb. Comfrey roots and leaves make excellent vinegars, tinctures, and teas, and comfrey compresses help heal wounds or insect bites. The leaves make high-quality compost teas for enhancing garden plant growth.




$8.00 / 4″ pot, $15.00 / 1 gal.


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