Pear, Asian (Pyrus pyrifolia)

Pear, Asian (Pyrus pyrifolia)


Full sun. Hardy to -25 degrees F.


Prefers rich, deep soil, but can tolerate clay soil better than most fruit trees. Prefers a circumneutral pH.

Growth Habits

A beautiful pyramidal rounded tree to 20 feet covered in the spring with beautiful white flowers that produce abundant early fall fruit. Asian pears have very ornamental leaves with delightful fall color.

Most varieties require a different variety for cross pollination.

Landscape Uses

An excellent accent tree, Asian pear is large enough to be used as a small shade tree and can produce delicious apple-shaped aromatic fruit in abundance.


Crisp, juicy, tree ripened fruit is an epicurean delight. One of those fruits that is so much better grown at home than the ones at the grocery store!

Available Varieties

'Raja' - Hardy and productive tree with very sweet and richly flavored golden brown fruit. This is a new variety for UPN that we have because it's supposed to be disease resistant.

'Shinko' - The “Butterscotch Pear”.  ‘Shinko’ is a prolific producer of medium to large fruit with a dark golden skin.  It is prized for its crisp, juicy flesh and sweet, butterscotch flavor.  A good keeper and fireblight resistant, good for fresh eating and canning.  Zone 4. This is the most disease-resistant variety and Debbie's other favorite Asian pear, so if you don't know what kind you want, get one of these and a different variety to go with it.

'Shinseiki' - A round, yellow-skinned, firm fruit that is early-maturing (late July) plus it stores well up to three months. One fo the most attractive pears. Trees are self-fruitful, but fruit more with another variety. Fruit holds on the tree well. Heavy thinning is necessary for good fruit size. Has some fire blight resistance.

Pricing Information

$39.00 / 5 gal, $49.00 / 7 gal


Shinko - 5 gal : 2