Goumi (Eleagnus multiflora)

Goumi (Eleagnus multiflora)


Full sun to light shade. Zone 5-7.


Average garden soil.

Growth Habits

A beautiful, multiple-stemmed shrub to 6 feet in height, Goumi is very easy to grow. It is a nitrogen fixing shrub with glossy deep green leaves that are highly disease and insect resistant. Early, delightfully fragrant flowers provide an early spring nectar and pollen source for bees are followed by attractive red fruit that ripens in late May and early June along with Nanking cherries. Self fertile; plant two varieties for heavier crops.

Landscape Uses

Makes a reliable shrub for foundation plantings, shrub borders or hedges. It makes an excellent companion plant in the orchard or shrub border due to its ability to fix nitrogen.


The delicious, sweet/tard red ½ inch fruits are very high in lycopene, a compound that is important for men's prostate health, as well as containing other antioxidant compounds. This is one of our favorite small fruits. The fruits can be dried, canned or used for making fruit wines or meads. The fruits are a favorite for children of all ages.

Available Varieties

'Sweet Scarlet' - A compact-growing, large-fruited, non-invasive variety from Ukraine. Prized for its large, sweet, and tasty fruit.

Pricing Information

$30 for 3 gallon