Plum, beach (Prunus maritime)

Plum, beach (Prunus maritime)


Full sun. Zone 3 and warmer. Hardy to -35 degrees.


Prefers slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Does not do well with heavy clay soils.

Growth Habits

Beautiful white flowers, compact growing and extremely productive. Can be pruned to attain a small tree to 6 feet or used for an informal hedge up to 10 feet wide. Dwarf varieties are smaller. Salt tolerant and cold hardy. Once established, requires little or no maintenance.

Landscape Uses

Use as a specimen, patio plant, in small groupings or as a foundation plant.


Fruit color can vary from black, blue, red or yellow. Beach plums are highly valued for preserves and jelly. Great to eat right off the bush. High in vitamin A; about 1000 IU in a cup and cholesterol-lowering pectin.

Available Varieties

'Ecos' - Selected from individuals with sweet yellow or larger fruit by Oikos. Great fresh eating. Mix of Flava, Grant, and other improved selections.

Pricing Information

$20.00 / 1 gal., $25.00 / 2 gal., $30.00 / 3 gal.



1 gal: 10, 2 gal: 3