Yucca: A very useful plant

Thursday, 05 October 2017

Yucca: A very useful plant

Contributed by Jackie Edwards

A unique plant that can be easily maintained by gardeners of any skill level is the yucca. With over 40 different species of the yucca plant, the adaptable shrub is native to the hot, dry climate zones of the Americas and the Caribbean. Nevertheless this attractive plant thrives in many types of environments, which makes it one of the most popular house plants.

If you are considering growing yucca in your home garden or even in a container indoors, you should be aware of the proper conditions and the expectations of growth. Most plants will grow to be quite tall and wide, but with the right knowledge, the plants height and width can be maintained with pruning and dividing up the plant into smaller parts. Knowing more details about growing yucca will help you in your quest to incorporate the beautiful succulent into your garden.

Should You Grow It Indoors or Outdoors?

Yucca can be potted for either indoor or outdoor enjoyment, so long as it is put into a container that is double or triple the size of the existing pot. Having an open space to grow will allow yucca to thrive to its fullest potential, eliminating the need to frequently repot the plant and potentially harm it. You can usually determine from the look of the plant if it belongs in a landscape setting or can be contained in a pot.

Either way, it is important to add a bottom layer of sand or pebbles to the yucca’s base, as the succulents do not appreciate moisture saturation. Always avoid over watering, making sure that the soil is aerated and packed tightly around the stem. The most obvious benefit to growing yucca in the ground is that it will filter water naturally through its systems, but this process is not impossible to do on your own.

Benefits and Uses of Growing Yucca

Yucca has an exciting amount of uses that make this succulent a unique addition to any plant collection. Some of the uses include:

  •       It is one of the top rated air cleaning plants
  •       Some yucca plants are edible and can help fight inflammation
  •       It is a natural cleaning agent that can be added to soap and shampoo
  •       It’s good for your skin and for cuts and scrapes

Since this wonderful plant is easy to maintain and boasts a variety of unique uses, it is a great option for any gardener looking to add some beautifully flowering succulents to their assortment of plants.

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