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Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis), Magnolia Vine

Schisandra berriesExposure: Zones 4 - 7, with full sun in cooler climes, filtered sun in warmer areas.

Soil: Schizandra prefers moist, reasonably fertile, well-drained soils. Be sure to keep it well mulched.

Growth habits: Schizandra is an attractive twining flowering vine with leaves similar in appearance to hardy kiwi, delectably fragrant ivory colored spring flowers, and potently flavorful, medicinal fruit in the fall. Prefers a cooler site in the landscape. Dioecious.

Landscape uses: Schizandra is a very attractive vine for home use. It doesn’t seem to be as aggressive as some vines and so lends itself to more refined architectural placements than some. Another reason to keep it near the home is to be more readily able to delight in its sweet flower’s aroma and pick its leaves and tips for a delightful summer tea. Use on fences, trellises, arbors, gateways, or buildings.

Schisandra vineEdible/Medicinal properties: The dried leaves, shoots, and roots make a refreshing tea. The plant and the fruit are high in Vitamin C and E, minerals, essential oils and schizandrin. The fruits and seed are used in Chinese medicine as a tonic herb. Schizandra is also used as a stimulant and energy restorative. The berries strengthen the liver, lungs, kidneys and adrenals. It is an adaptogen, increasing the body’s resistance to disease, and is used to treat chronic fatigue, TB, bronchitis, asthma, colds, dysentery, and stomach complaints.

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Available Varieties

Eastern Prince - A self-fertile productive variety.