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Hardy Kiwi (Actinidia arguta)

Exposure: Full sun to part shade. Zone 5 to 7.

Soil: Hardy kiwi will grow in just about any soil type.

Growth Habits: A vigorous, climbing, twining vine, hardy kiwis are low maintenance plants with beautiful foliage that is disease and insect resistant. Female kiwi varieties require a male pollinator for fruit production. While the plant is quite hardy, it is best to plant them in wind and late frost protected locations if possible. Kiwis produce large crops (up to 100 pounds per plant) of grape-sized, smooth-skinned green to red fruit similar in flavor to fuzzy kiwis. Prune annually for best fruit production.

Landscape Uses: Hardy kiwis are beautiful vines suitable for many landscape uses. Place hardy kiwis on well constructed arbors, fences, or high trellises capable of holding the heavy fruit yields. Well suited for home or commercial vineyards in our bioregion.

Usefulness: Hardy kiwi fruit is an absolutely delicious, nutrient dense fruit that is loaded with vitamin C and is high in other vitamins and minerals, especially folate and potassium. Hardy kiwi fruit is high in anti-oxidant effectiveness, pectin, and fiber. It is great for fresh eating, mixing with other seasonal fresh fruits, fruit pies, as well as being suitable for drying.

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Available varieties

'Cordifolia' - A highly-rated, very sweet fruit. Prolific and productive. $20/1 gal.

'Geneva' - A very hardy variety with delicious medium-sized fruit. $20/1 gal.

'Issai' - Compact, self-fertile variety. Early bearing. Tasty fruit. $20/1 gal.

'74-32 Male' - Male pollinator for Cordifolia. $20/1 gal.

'Hardy Male' - A pollinator for Issai, Anna, and Geneva. $20/1 gal.

'Meader Male' - Male pollinator for Geneva and Issai. $20/1 gal.