Persimmon, Asian (Diospyros kaki)

Persimmon, Asian (Diospyros kaki)


Full sun to half shade. Zone 6b, with proper siting, to Zone 9.


Can handle a wide range of soils, but good drainage is a must.

Growth Habits

Small tree - size depends on variety

Landscape Uses

Forms an umbrella canopy without pruning. Fall colors are dramatic red and gold.


Astringent varieties have a soft fruit with a distinct, sweet taste; non-astringent varieties can be eaten while firm.

Available Varieties

‘Nikita’s Gift’ - From the Nikita Botanic Garden in Yalta, Ukraine, this hybrid of Asian and American Persimmon bears bountiful crops of sweet and flavorful, reddish-orange fruit followed by strikingly beautiful, orange-yellow fall foliage. Nikita's Gift is ready to eat when soft and tender like a ripe tomato. Cold hardy to zone 5.

Pricing Information

$39 / 5 gal.